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Message to you the candidate!

We know you don't like recruiters. Too often you have been contacted for a C ++ developer position when you have been a Scrum Master for 4 years in a company whose Stack is MEAN. The name in the message was not yours because it was a copy and paste.

We don't pretend to be perfect (we're really far from being). On the other hand, we guarantee you to be authentic, nice and to make sure to really understand your expectations.

Check the reviews on google, it will give you an overview of our approach.

See you soon!



You may have already worked with agencies that promised you targeted recruitment, qualified candidates, tested and certified :-). But as soon the service agreement was signed, they would send you 15 CVs found out in a CV database whose research was based on a few keywords.

At ekostystem, we believe the H in RH has meaning. So before we introduce you to a resource, we introduce you to a person. Our job is to find matches between the DNA of companies and the DNA of candidates.

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