In 2015, ekosystem was born from an observation: The job market is changing, technologies are changing, attitudes are changing, but recruitment agencies are keeping the same business model.

It is therefore with the desire to respond to the challenges of today's SMEs and Startups that our offer has taken shape and attempts to respond to the imperatives of risk sharing, cash flow preservation and flexibility.

One year guarantee!

We know that there is a high volatility of talent in the market. We also know that it takes more than three months to be certain about the collaboration between an employee and an employer.

But it is above all because we are convinced by the quality of our recruitment that we are able to guarantee it for a year!

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Monthly payments

for more flexibility!

It is not uncommon for a company to have to recruit several people simultaneously. We know that it is rare for an employee to be profitable on day one. This is why ekosystem has chosen to share the risks with its customers by offering a monthly payment over twelve months.

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